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Operations Tracking, Based Aircraft Monitoring and Noise Abatement Services

{Virtower is worth every penny (and more). ELP has only had the software for a short time, but we have already found the data to useful in the Operations, Security and Accounting sections of our airport. Thank you Les and Team Virtower!
J. Antonio Nevarez, C.M., ACE, IACE
Assistant Director of Aviation Operations and Security
El Paso International Airport
{Our favorite use of VirTower is the ATC map and flight tags for tracking aircraft movements on the ground at RDU during peak AM/PM hours and zoomed out for in-range redeye arrivals on the overnight shifts. We like the predictor lines that emphasize rate of speed and direction of travel for airborne and taxiing aircraft. Another advantage of using the ATC tags is ICAO callsign identification for regional jet operators. Delta, American, and United all have similar regional jet operators with the same aircraft type and very similar flight numbers, making it hard to identify callsigns and operators for controllers and reporting procedures. The ICAO identification alleviates those challenges. We're very pleased with the product and its capabilities.
Kyle Mitchell, C.M.
Operations Manager, TBI Airport Management, Inc.
Raleigh-Durham International Airport
{Virtower has brought leading edge technology to Airport Operations Management. We no longer need multiple expense systems and hours of staff time to collect and analyze data. The system encompasses all phases of airport operations providing runway, taxiway, and airline gates usage data. With their unique  geo fencing capability it allows us to specify data points throughout the airport which feeds data directly into the reporting system. The Noise module provides real time and provides historical data to address noise concerns in our community. After reviewing other software solutions available, Virtower has provided the most comprehensive and cost effective system available for Airport Operations Management.
Ron Mallard, CM. ACE
COO & Director of Aviation
Punta Gorda Airport PGD
{The ability to retrieve reliable data is important, you can go back and look at specific timeframes and find out who was flying where during that period. Having access to the data is incredible. We’re entering an era where we have much better data on airports that traditionally did not have any objective aircraft counting going on. Now, I have an aircraft’s geographic position, with accurate detail, their altitude and the timestamp.
Dr Dave Byers
Quadrex Aviation
{Virtower has provided immensely valuable operations data that has never-before been available to our airport. The ability to customize data reported for our airport made this system a great addition to our ability to not only track current operations but also make more informed decisions when planning for the future of the airport.
Nathan Coyle
Airport Director
Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport FHB
{In the short time that we have had Virtower, it has been a game changer to understand the traffic at Reid-Hilliview Airport. With Virtower, we are able to determine with some level of accuracy the on-airport origin and destination of most flights. In addition, we are able to pinpoint hotspots on the airport and now get real-time metrics on the number of aircraft that pass through those areas. And as a side benefit, Virtower will be helpful in collection of transient parking fees.
Eric Peterson
Airports Director
Santa Clara County RHV E16
{Hi Les, We would like to thank you and your Team for always being available and providing the most professional support. We are truly happy with the service that you provide and having the daily operations for our airport now is amazing!! We can now provide monthly reports to our city council with Virtower, it has everything that we needed all along! Seeing our daily operations on our Taco Tuesday’s is always impressive to us!
Shelley Peacock
Airport Director
Arcadia Municipal Airport X06
{Virtower is a valuable resource providing operations data and reporting, complementing our tower counts as well as granting us first time access to after-hours operations counts. The real-time access to aircraft operations has become a necessity, allowing oversight of our flight school aircraft operations and locations in the air and on the ground.
John Helms
Airport Director
Bartow Executive Airport BOW
{The Virtower Program greatly assists airport operations and management of the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Specifically, we utilize the program for accurate aircraft operation counts, especially during times when the air traffic control tower is closed; and to provide an accurate based aircraft count. In addition, we will use Virtower to assist justifying a full-length parallel taxiway for our main runway to enhance safety and efficiency. Currently, aircraft positioning to/from the West side of the airport cross the active runway. Virtower will provide a very accurate method of data collection to illustrate the current amount of active runway crossings to be eliminated with the new taxiway extension project.
Shaun J. Germoulous A.A.E
Director of Aviation
Kissimmee Gateway Airport ISM
{Virtower was worth every penny for the Wauchula Airport.
Ward Grimes
Airport Manager
Wauchula Municipal Airport CHN
{We have already witnessed an immense value for our operations staff.
Andrew Bennett
Executive Manager
Collier County Airport Authority IMM X01 MKY
{The Virtower system has assisted us in researching noise complaints, manage our based aircraft, and refine our overall traffic counts. On two separate occasions, we have been able to locate an aircraft with an active ELT. The system and the Virtower Team have exceeded our expectations.
Richard Allabaugh
Airport Operations Officer
Manassas Regional Airport HEF
{No more formulas or assumptions. The Virtower system has provided our airport and community invaluable live data allowing us a better understanding of the true number of operations that are occurring at our airport. This data is critical for our planning as well as funding purposes. In our case, using the Virtower system we are able to gather specific data on the tremendous demand flight training has had on our operations such as the number of touch and goes, flight dispatch trends, and the ability to address noise complaints with real hard data. In 26 years of Airport Management at a non-towered airport, I have never had this much information at my fingertips.
Chad Gehrke
Airport Director
Murfreesboro Municipal Airport MBT
{The Virtower system has been instrumental in dealing with noise complaints. I can now argue fact over perception. Worth every cent!
Ed Rose
Airport Director
Sedona-Oak Creek Airport Authority SEZ
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Grants Available

The Indiana Department of Transportation Office of Aviation has announced an Indiana State System Plan Airport Grant for Airports that install the Virtower Airport Operations Tracking System and share the data with INDOT.