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Including noise complaint investigation (Noise Abatement)

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Virtower is designed for airport leadership to gain real-time operational data 24/7

Virtower monitors key airport operational parameters including takeoffs, landings, touch and go’s, pavement utilization and based aircraft operations. While providing a quick and easy noise complaint investigations tool for all customers.

Operations Tracking

Operations Tracking

Operations Tracking

Pavement Utilisation

Operations Tracking

Gates and Parking

Operations Tracking

Based Aircraft

Operations Tracking

Noise Abatement

Operations Tracking

Record every take off, landing and touch and go in realtime. Including helicopters from designated helipads.

Landings & Takeoffs in realtime

Record Touch and Go Activities

Track on Pavement, Dirt, Grass or Water

Including Blocked Aircraft

Operations Tracking
Pavement Utilization

Pavement Utilisation

Detection and recording of pavement utilization across the airport.

Runway crossings

Taxiway usage

Self Fuel Activities

FBO Visitation

Commercial Service Gate and Parking Utilization

Detection and recording of pavement utilization across the airport.
Including Arrival at Gate, and Push Back

Commercial Service

Based Aircraft

Virtower tracks and maintains an up to date record of all aircraft based on the airport.

Based Aircraft Verification

Virtower sensors record the number of individual days an aircraft has been seen operating on your airport.

Programed Alerts

Virtower also alerts you to tenants with expired hangar insurance.

Based Aircraft UI Screenshot
Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport FHB
Virtower has provided immensely valuable operations data that has never-before been available to our airport. The ability to customize data reported for our airport made this system a great addition to our ability to not only track current operations but also make more informed decisions when planning for the future of the airport.

Nathan Coyle

Airport Director

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport FHB

Noise Abatement

Noise Abatement

Noise abatement issues can be resolved quickly with Virtower recording aircraft tracks for later investigation. Geo-Fences and alerts can also be created for specific noise sensitive areas.

Investigate noise complaints quickly

Utilize Geo-Fences and Alerts for noise sensitive areas

“The Virtower system has been instrumental in dealing with noise complaints. I can now argue fact over perception. Worth every cent!”

Ed Rose
Airport Director
Sedona-Oak Creek Airport Authority SEZ

FAA ACRP Research Project 237

FAA ACRP Research Project 237 shows Virtower with more customers using our noise complaint investigation tool than any ANOM providers product. Making Virtower the largest provider of airport operations tracking software features noise complaint investigation in the United States.



Detailed Reports

Virtower records key parameters in an events log. This database is searchable by Registration, Aircraft type, Operation type, Activity or Operator; providing a valuable resource for custom report generation. In PDF or CSV.

  • Record landings, takeoffs and parking
  • Record categories and types of aircraft
  • Establish a Based Aircraft Database
  • Detect unusual after-hours operations
Detailed Reports Screenshot
Report Page 1


See What Our Other Airports Are Saying

The Virtower system has assisted us in researching noise complaints, manage our based aircraft, and refine our overall traffic counts. On two separate occasions, we have been able to locate an aircraft with an active ELT. The system and the Virtower Team have exceeded our expectations.

Richard Allabaugh
Airport Operations Officer
Manassas Regional Airport HEF
Virtower has provided us with valuable data that we otherwise would not have, resulting in the ability for us to make data driven decisions for the operation.
Christopher Giokas, C.M.
Manager, Airfield Operations
Tampa International Airport

Virtower is a proud supplier of operations tracking for the US Department of Homeland Security and US Department of Defence.


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